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My name is Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

I grew up in Canada, and moved to Israel about 18 years ago.
For many years, both in Canada and Israel, I worked as an attorney. I was first a tax lawyer, then a corporate-commercial attorney with a high-tech specialty. I loved my work and the profession; both the intellectual challenge, and also my clients and colleagues.

However, as time progressed, I started feeling exactly like a lot of lawyers feel: super-stressed. At first the signs were mild, but as time progressed, they became more pronounced.

And to be clear, it’s not like I sat back and did nothing. On the contrary. For even before I went to law school, I have studied and practiced energetic modalities and other holistic methods, including healing, meditation, yoga, and diet. And as a lawyer, I included these practices into my life in order to counteract the stress.

However, because I was so focused on my job, I was inconsistent in my energetic and holistic practices, meaning that I was expending more energy than what I was taking in, and I became increasingly depleted.

I felt almost continuously exhausted and stressed, as well as guilty about not spending enough time with my family and friends. My physical health worsened, partly from worry and partly from sleeping poorly. My symptoms were varied and included developing an auto-immune condition on my scalp that caused such quantities of hair to fall out that I wore a wig for a year and a half.

Finally, after about 18 years in the profession, I decided that I couldn’t go on any longer and very sadly tendered my resignation at the wonderful law firm at which I worked.

After quitting my job I worked free-lance very briefly, and then took a bit of a circuitous route until ending up exactly where I started before even considering attending law school: energetic and holistic modalities.

Except that now, I have a specific focus: supporting lawyers and other professionals like you counteract your stress, worry, and guilt, so that you become increasingly productive and successful in your chosen profession. And don’t have to quit your job or your practice, like I did, due to ill-health.

All of my services are effective when provided remotely. This means that even with your busy schedule you can fit them in, allowing you to improve your life, be more productive and less stressed, and live life on your own terms.

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