Inner Wisdom.

Inner Wisdom

So I have this pattern: I get super-enthusiastic about a whole bunch of things, over-pack my schedule with them all, wear myself out, then cancel everything for a few days while I rest up and recover. Afterwards, I promise myself never to do this again, stick to the straight and narrow for a few weeks or a month, and then repeat. 

(And yes, fellow Bach Flower aficionados, my current treatment bottle contains Chestnut Bud. And on occasion, I also take Impatiens, Wild Oat and Scleranthus.)

Anyhoo, back to the story. 

So unsurprisingly, after maintaining an overly-full schedule for months, I got worn out again about a fortnight ago, so took a few days off to recover. However, this time, the normal few days were not enough, and a week later, I was still feeling too wiped out to treat anyone. And no, for those who are curious, it wasn’t Corona. 

At this point I started feeling a bit concerned, and with my concern, I (finally!) started listening to myself more carefully. 



When I actually took the time to pay attention to what my body was telling me, I received a clear message. I realized that in my desire to help others, I had abandoned myself. By packing my schedule so tightly with appointments and other obligations, I had failed to leave sufficient time for my own personal projects.   

And as I continued to ignore my internal voice, my body took things into its own hands and shut down. 

The interesting (and unsurprising) part is that as soon as I realized what was happening and took steps to change, I began feeling better. (Oh yes, and I also added Wild Rose to my Bach Flower bottle, that certainly helped me as well.) And I began working on an important personal project that I’d pushed aside for months, due to my “busyness” with others’ tasks. I’ve now worked on my project consistently every day for the last five days, and gosh, I’m making amazing progress! And ya’ know what else? It’s fun! 

With my consistency to myself, my strength is returning. Indeed, just two days into my new regime I treated my first energy client since this whole thing began. I’m still at only one energy treatment a day, but I keep getting better and stronger.  

So, the moral of the story?

Take care of yourself. A good friend once reminded me that when I get all wrapped up in taking care of others, I need to remind myself that I deserve no less. And then to take care of myself, rather than wearing myself out instead. This is excellent advice for us all.  

Listen to yourself. We are all so wise. When we really listen to what’s behind our aches and pains and fatigue and grumpiness, we can learn so much, and return so easily to our own personal right track. (And if you find listening to yourself to be challenging, the Bach Flower Cerato can help.)

What messages is your body giving you?

And how are you taking care of yourself, and how can you take care of yourself even better? 

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