How lives change.

"Sat-Sung invited me to try the Generator with her, and it has been a revelation. With her confidence and guidance she has helped me understand beliefs that are holding me back from having a more positive outlook on my life experience. Not only has the work had an immediate effect on my life, but the revelations are working on a subconscious level - meaning that I can see positive changes happening that surprise me every day. Sat-Sung's kindness creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our sessions that always leaves me looking at the world with an expectation of good things to come."
California, USA
"The Generator is an amazing program I have been taking part in once a week with Sat-Sung who is so easy to talk to she knows how to extract limiting thoughts and beliefs out of me. With her help and guidance we have a long distant session as I live in Canada and she is in Israel. The Generator method has improved my relationship with my family and friends. My response to situations has changed as I'm able to think clearer and make decisions that are based from positivity not negativity to get the desired outcome of my daily living situations. My relationships and responses are from a healthy happy place now instead of a place of inner turmoil. Because I'm happier my family is happier and we are able to enjoy each others’ company again. I am only quarter way through this amazing technique and I'm excited for what the future holds and look forward to chatting with Sat-Sung every week. I strongly recommend Sat-Sung and the Generator method if you too are looking for positive change in your life. It's really quite amazing what this program can do. It's been life changing for me."
Alberta, Canada
"I have had an excellent experience with Sat-Sung and her custom Bach Flower Remedies. Sat-Sung talked with me and asked me questions about my emotional and physical health. After the consultation she created a custom Bach Flower Blend. I followed Sat-Sung's detailed instructions and I had immediate positive results-less anxiety and a greater ability to focus on what is happening now rather than in the past. I highly recommend Sat-Sung, she is a caring and gifted healing practitioner."
California, USA
"I highly recommend Sat-Sung! From the incredible Generator journey to her magic Bach remedies there is no doubt that one should try it to experience a shift in energy..."
"A painter needs to carefully survey what she sees before her. Only then can she know exactly which brushes and paints are needed to perfectly render the scene. Sat Sung Kalman Hassid is like that painter only, instead of a landscape to paint, she sees before her a human being longing to feel whole, healthy and happy. Each visit, with her art of deep listening, Sat Sung intuits how best to help each one of us reach our goal of health and healing…and she chooses from her paint box of therapies what each person needs at that moment. Each week I look forward to entering her peaceful treatment room with its splendid view of Pardes Hanna’s rainbow of colorful flowers out the window, its fragrance of jasmine putting me further at ease. What do I need this session? Is it making progress on the Generator, a therapeutic system developed here in Israel to systematically unearth and dissolve the old traumas and limiting thoughts that plague so many of us years later? Is it “running the Access Bars,” a hands-on (but exceedingly gentle) release of debilitating stresses in the brain? Is it a new mixture of Bach Flower Remedies, which are a series of flower tinctures designed in England to subtly shift the chemistry of the body to balance our thoughts and the emotions? Or is it a Healing treatment, which works on both our physical body and also our energetic bodies surrounding it? … or is it a combination of two or even three modalities which we decide on together based on how I’m feeling at that moment -- Sat-Sung’s gentle compassion is matched by a deep and intuitive understanding. But, whatever the mix we decide on, an hour later I leave both relaxed and energized … and ready to face my challenges and the world. In the beginning of a new year, I highly recommend Sat Sung for anyone ready to take a chance of creating real change in their lives…
"Here's my experience with this. Last month, COVID, stranded and miserable in Canada and then I get sick. Not COVID, but the symptoms were frightening anyway because can't go to a Dr! Bedridden for a week. I was convinced I was dying, not drama girl convinced. Arrange and pay for my funeral convinced, make sure my will is correct so my sons have no hassle. Say to Sat-Sung, if I stop answering, sorry. She jumps in with an offer of this that she wrote about. Inwardly I scoff, but make thank you noises. She started, I knew something was different when I woke up. Just coincidence. Next day, she does her thing and I'm less dying than before! I stop peeing blood, I can eat soft food, the next day I add stop falling when trying to get out of bed! Never in my life had I been excited to not fall down. Sort of took it for granted really! I'm better! Now we just have to fix my bad attitude *wink* I dunno what your problem is, it's none of my business. But I bet you would be glad if you talked with Sat-Sung. 🙂 "
British Columbia, Canada


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